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I truly love working with people from ALL walks of life!

This is where I attempt to describe all my skills and try to set myself apart from the many other amazing real estate professionals in the area. I certainly hope you will consider checking out my client testimonials page (Likes), as bragging has never come easy to me.

I truly love working with people from ALL walks of life. I provide dedicated, personalized service, strong negotiation and problem solving skills, and I’m definitely not opposed to having a bit of fun along the way!

In 1983 I began my real estate career in Michigan when I was 21 – feel free to do the math. I was fortunate to be mentored by my dad, who co-owned his own real estate brokerage. Not only did he share his wisdom about the real estate and property management business, but more importantly, he taught me that true success is measured by how well you serve your clients and your community - An important lesson I have never forgotten. Thanks Dad!

In 1989 I moved to Santa Cruz where I have lived ever since, except for a short move to Portland, Oregon, where I was also a licensed real estate broker.

Throughout my years in real estate, I have witnessed the market crash and recover twice (I was an agent when interest rates were 18%) I was able to help people avoid losing their homes, turned renters into homeowners, assisted retiring Californians who were relocating to more affordable places, and welcomed new-comers to the beautiful Santa Cruz and Bay Area.

Real Estate is an exciting business, but for me, it’s never been about the “hype”-It’s always been about the people, and helping them to realize their hopes and dreams. After all, people are what make houses become homes! My approach to real estate is more holistic – together we will consider location, condition, timing, and value, but in the end, what really makes you happy is what’s most important. With me, you will never be just another transaction. I provide the same high level of service to everyone, regardless of the price range.

My negotiation skills are strong but fair, and I’m not easily intimidated by a challenge or by an aggressive agent. I have a keen eye for spotting and pointing out potential issues before they become a problem for you. Home staging suggestions and home improvement ideas are also part of my professional cache. I know a thing or two about houses… I owned a landscape and handyman business for 14 years and I have owned my own homes and investment properties. I also spent several years working with the City of Santa Cruz parks department and the UC Santa Cruz doing project management work, supervising amazing teams, and maintaining buildings and grounds.

Whether you are new to the beautiful Santa Cruz area or have lived here a lifetime, I’m dedicated to making sure that your next real estate experience is much more than just a transaction.

When I’m not busy working, you might spot me out exploring Santa Cruz and beyond with my husband and our happy dog. I love hiking, biking, gardening, home improvement projects, taking photos, singing…and doing my part to help save the planet!

Oh, I also raised an amazing and talented son who graduated in 2018, with honors, from the University of San Francisco (proud papa).

I look forward to meeting you and being the first to say… “Welcome Home!”

Bringing REAL Back to Real Estate!

REAL Connections REAL Honesty REAL Integrity and REAL Dedication to my clients and my community.

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